What We do


There is a large unbanked and under-banked population in South Africa which does not use formal banks or semiformal microfinance institutions. This presents an opportunity for us to offer an innovative range of high-quality, affordable financial products and services.Through our lending solutions we see ourselves as providers of interim finance and overdraft equivalent solutions for the under-banked and those looking to access and pay for goods and services.

Digital lending solutions

GetBucks offers online lending solutions of up to R8000, payable over 6 months depending on affordability. The loan application process is completely online and entirely automated reducing human error. Using AI models, decisions are made using client data.

Financial education and wellness

Free Credit Report

GetBucks is a responsible lender that not only assists people when they need a little extra financial help, but also believes in educating people to make financially sound decisions.

  • As a value add to our clients, we offer a free monthly credit report for them to get feedback on credit scores, financial history and spending habits
  • Not only is it important for clients to know their financial standing, but GetBucks aims to assist clients with minor changes that will improve their financial status.
GetBucks Finance Guide
  • Available to download from the website or on request, GetBucks clients get access to a quick and easy to understand guide on finance firsts, as well as a simple budget to assist in budget management and planning.

Full view of current and historical personal credit data | Accessibility to your credit profile allows deeper feedback on movement of credit score | Aid financial understanding and education based on spending habits | Help to financially rehabilitate blacklisted clients through our partners

Budgeting tool

Customers have the right to their own valuable data.

  • Using artificial intelligence and proprietary technology, GetBucks has developed an easy to use budgeting tool that gives customers their personal finances, in a simplified and easy to understand way.
  • The budgeting tool simplifies and displays the customers income, expenses and transactions to see where they can make improvements or changes to their spending habits.

Credit Rehabilitation

GetBucks has established a debt rehabilitation product that assists clients with over indebtedness, black listings, judgement removals and help getting out of debt review. Through debt restructuring, GetBucks helps overindebted clients get the financial stability they need to get back on their feet.


How it works

Sign Up

Sign up on the Platform to reveal your free Credit Score.

Credit Report

It all starts with your Credit Report. See your Credit Report and Scores from three different Credit Bureaus on your own personalised dashboard.


See recommended financial products based on the outcome of your credit report to help you with your overall financial health. You can apply for these products straight from your dashboard.

Room for Improvement

Learn what affects your credit score and what you can do to improve your credit status.

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